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What maintenance should I do on my bike?

Always check tire pressure before going on a ride. Check the chain to see if it needs lubed by seeing if it is dry or feels dry to the touch. 

How often should I bring my bike in for a tune up?

We recommend bringing in your bike for a yearly tune up if you ride it on a regualr basis or if it has been sitting in storage. 

How long do I need to leave my bike for a tune up?

This will depend on what time of year it is. The spring and summer get very busy so we normally need the bike for about a week. Winter is slower so this is normally a faster turnaround time. 

How much air goes in my tires?

You can find out how much air goes into each tire on the sidewall of the tire. We recommend sticking in about the middle of the range that is given. Mountain bikes are normally about 50 psi, hybrids about 65 psi, and road bikes 100 psi.

How often should I pump my tires?

This depends on the type of tire. Road bikes are normally once a week, hybrids every couple weeks and mountain bikes every two to three weeks.

Do I need to make an appointment to have my bike serviced?

You do not need an appointment to get your bike serviced. You can drop it off at any point during business hours.

What are the different valves on tubes?

There are two different valve options. Those are presta (the skinny ones with a tiny nut that has to be unscrewed to air up the tube) and schrader (which is more of a standard tube).


What is the difference between and Schrader and Presta Valve?

Schrader vs. Presta Explanation

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